16 April, 2020

Image courtesy of R Burke, puzzle made using a photo by Peta Murray

Neologism of the Day: jigsorcery

Meaning: The capacity of a jigsaw to hold you under its spell until all measures of time, place, meaning or purpose are lost

Many are turning to the ancient art of jigsorcery to steer them through the pandemiconium. Our dear friends, RB and DC*** are just emerging from a prolonged enchantment. For the best part of three weeks they have dedicated whole evenings to the completion of the jigsaw above, sending us pix of the work-in-progress along the way, along with cryptic messages that may be read variously as compliments, words of gratitude and/or veiled threats.

This is a rare sighting, the first and to date only completed jigsaw from a boutique edition of three I had made as gifts when I was nearing completion of a PhD*. The photo of the Waratah used was my own, a floral emblem with complex meanings and symbolic significances then, and now. The key feature is its inflorescence, which is not one, but many small flowers densely packed into a compact head or spike. There’s something faintly coron-ial about it, too, as I study it today.

Contemplation. Slowing time. Deepening looking. Refining acuity of sight, heightening sensitivity to colour, hue, shape and array. Yielding to jarring sensation of WTF-is-it-all-about-Alfie once the work is done.

*A PhD may also this afford this kind of jigsorcery, having similar capacity to induce a kind of ecstatic madness, and to hold one in its thrall until the spell (or the p(hd)-uzzler) is broken.

*** Big love to our valiant puzzlers!

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I am a member of the non/fictionLab and a postdoctoral research fellow at XXXX University in Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog on 17 March 2020, after voluntarily removing myself and my over sixty-year old bronchially-challenged lungs to an undisclosed coastal location. I intend to remain here for as long as is sensible, but I'm going to miss you all. And so, in order to stay sane, I'd like to stay connected to you, dear colleagues, as we figure out how to work remotely and stay focused on the small, the meaningful and the manageable.

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