10 June, 2020

Photo © Peta Murray

Neologism of the Day: kroonervirus

Meaning: Any source of a sudden proliferation in online choirs

This one is for PW whose wideberthday it is today, and who sends me enough rah-rahs from afar to let me know that my musings land, somewhere, nearby de temps en temps. PW is also a chorister (as am I, or was), so one could say that we have both been afflicted by kroonervirus at some point in time. PW is a composer (I am not) and a music-nerd (as am I), and we have known each other for decades and collaborated more than once, and we also share a name, so…. go figure as they say. And hip pip, PW.

Meanwhile, as we near mid-June, I am trying to decide when and how to step off this textual travelator. Do I pick a random date… the end of the month for instance? Do I wind things up at the end of the financial year? Or do I stick with the calendar year, and plod on, moon by moon, coinage by coinage? I could do, but I don’t know that I have the neologisms in me, and besides, a whole list I’ve had hanging in the storeroom are already becoming redundant, if not rancid. Unschooled. Outragers. Haven’t had a chance to fly these yet, and fear I may have missed the moment as COVID seems to be contained, and we are more and more released. And this is a good thing.

And of course, there’s no shame in an ending, right? In fact, there’s a certain pride, if not vainglory – a word I have always wanted to use, but never had reason to – in knowing when to pull the pin. Close the songbook. Hang up one’s pencil. Put a sock in it.

Your guidance would be appreciated.

Published by wandalusst

I am a member of the non/fictionLab and a postdoctoral research fellow at XXXX University in Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog on 17 March 2020, after voluntarily removing myself and my over sixty-year old bronchially-challenged lungs to an undisclosed coastal location. I intend to remain here for as long as is sensible, but I'm going to miss you all. And so, in order to stay sane, I'd like to stay connected to you, dear colleagues, as we figure out how to work remotely and stay focused on the small, the meaningful and the manageable.

One thought on “10 June, 2020

  1. I would love you to keep posting forever, but I know it weighs heavily as you time becomes once again scarce…..
    Why don’t you go out with a bang- an uberlist of all unused words, then rule a line under them?


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