July 20, 2020

Photo © Peta Murray 2020

Neologism of the Day: Ronageist

Meaning: the defining spirit or mood of a period of history as modelled by the behaviour of the most virulent virus of its times

What are we to make of the Ronageist? I find myself using one word, over and over: capricious. A caprice is a sudden or unaccountable change of mood or behaviour. It’s something you might enjoy, say, in a piece of music. It’s somewhat less appealing in a pandemic.

The temperament of the ronageist is mercurial, to say the least. Just when we think we have the measure of its droplets, we’re talking aerosol. Just when we think we’ve found Patient Zero we’re tracing community spread. Just when we think we have a respiratory disease on our hands, we’re talking strokes, gastro and delirium. Yikes.

One thing we do know about the ronageist is that it’s sparking new fashion trends. The maskeraid (not to be confused with the masquerade) is all about finding your own personal style of PPE. This is your chance to put your own stamp on your own face, as it were! Will you go sensible-surgical? Will you go eco-friendly multi-use? Will you go the full perspex Ned Kelly? Or will you go something more bespoke?

I have seen rainbow flag masks worn as a statement of LGBTQI+Pride. I have seen DIY masks cut from the heel of a well-worn sock. I have seen masks printed with the now concealed parts of the wearer’s face, as in one’s very own personal lips, chin, and missing nose! I have friends with sewing skills who are on the verge of running small businesses as mask-wearing becomes mandatory in Melbourne and beyond.

Show us your maskeraid? How are you getting your rona on?

Published by wandalusst

I am a member of the non/fictionLab and a postdoctoral research fellow at XXXX University in Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog on 17 March 2020, after voluntarily removing myself and my over sixty-year old bronchially-challenged lungs to an undisclosed coastal location. I intend to remain here for as long as is sensible, but I'm going to miss you all. And so, in order to stay sane, I'd like to stay connected to you, dear colleagues, as we figure out how to work remotely and stay focused on the small, the meaningful and the manageable.

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