10 August, 2021

Photo Credit © Peta Murray

Neologism of the Day: Pom-pom Circumstance

Meaning: Pointlessly pointillist pageantry, riotous rah-rah, to tell you that spring is coming, in spite of it all

June is busting out all over, except it’s August and Anglesea is doing it’s early spring fling thing. My hayfever is revving up for the season and my sneezes are already at the extreme end of whatever it is that measures decibels. There are giant half-larval half bug things everywhere that suggest the new leaf growth on the trees is soon in for a right royal chomping. There is bud burst on the eucalypts and shocking yellow wattles popping with colour and joi de vivre.

Pom-pom circumstance are these small ceremonies conducted by nature, in spite of dire climate news and the wreckage COVID wreaks. Pom-pom circumstance blasts a blowsy bugle in your face and says “Fuck you, winter; make way for the rites of spring”.

Published by wandalusst

I am a member of the non/fictionLab and a postdoctoral research fellow at XXXX University in Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog on 17 March 2020, after voluntarily removing myself and my over sixty-year old bronchially-challenged lungs to an undisclosed coastal location. I intend to remain here for as long as is sensible, but I'm going to miss you all. And so, in order to stay sane, I'd like to stay connected to you, dear colleagues, as we figure out how to work remotely and stay focused on the small, the meaningful and the manageable.

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